Anne V Broke Adam Levine’s Heart

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Don’t jump to conclusions before hearing out the new data: Adam Levine is allegedly heartbroken from his split from Anne Vyalitsyna.

Although he didn’t pay her enough attention (insiders source), Adam is now claiming that Anne V wanted to get married and he wasn’t ready for it. Or something. Adam – you’re reading it right – is playing the victim and is putting it all on Anne’s shoulders.

Adam Levine Anne V Married for Halloween

Regardless of the ugly end (of which we possibly never find out the real cause), they were a pretty couple over the years…

Adam Levine Anne V steamy together

More so, every loving picture of them together was so endearing and so ‘perfect’ that I never would’ve guessed that there were troubles in paradise. But much like the legendary video that inspired this look above (Guns N’ Roses November Rain, I included it below), the relationship just wasn’t meant to last.

They recreated the troubled, turbulent couple Axl Rose&Stephanie Seymour who was only married in the said video but had a real life relationship for nearly 2 years.

Axl Rose Stephanie Seymour wedding scene

That’s how long Adam needed to switch to another Victoria’s Secret Angel. But not before putting it all on Anne V. Good thing she left the angels pack, otherwise it would’ve been oh-so-awkward to (possibly, maybe) get an invite to Adam’s wedding to Behati Prinsloo, his current flame!

Safe to say that both Adam and Anne did left that bed he was singing about in the video in which Anne V and him looked very much the lovebirds they used to be for their 2-year long relationship…


#1 Riana on 04.11.12 at 10:38 am

I think both of them are too vain and spoiled illuminati. Stephanie looked way more gorgeous than Anna does. Even Axl did back then…..(let’s not talk about the guy does look these days; he even hangs out with Lana Del Rey!)
And further I do not care about these two at all. It’s because of their look here I replied.

#2 Ellington on 04.11.12 at 11:34 am

And still Levine’s douchebagness never ceases to amaze me he is such a tool!
Oh and Riana I so agree with what you said!

#3 Ana Maria on 04.11.12 at 1:20 pm

Isn’t this Axl Rose and that girl from the November Rain video? Oh, no, this is Adam Levine :)))).

#4 Riana on 04.11.12 at 4:45 pm

Ana Maria, that was an interesting click! I saw the new Slash album, Metallica and Requiem For A Dream…..and the new GNR…well, I won’t hurt your feelings or music taste, honestly…I’m an old GNR fan and find Axl these days also a douchebag!
Stephanie Seymour is not just ‘that’ girl ;) :)

Nice to meet you girl :)

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