Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2012 Shoes

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Now since I opened Pandora’s box and talked about the beautiful jewelry pieces from Yves Saint Laurent’s fall 2012 collection, I’ll sink deeper and provoke you to a shoes – talk!

It’s not easy to walk in Stefano Pilati shoes from Yves Saint Laurent! Literally! Except the YSL people played a winning hand with that move – more about that later. Where were we? Ah, yes! Shoes talk! The YSL fall 2012 shoes were pretty edgy and very tall! Rough, but not in an industrial way, like Kirkwood’s shoes are. Pilati’s YSL Fall 2012 footwear had a studied roughness, a steady sensuality and a strong appearance. And I loved them! Not too retro, not too revolutionary – they were perfectly appealing (and I believe some may go as far as calling them boring. Do you?)

Yves Saint Laurent fall 2012 shoes

YSL Fall 2012 high heels

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