Roses In Her Hair

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I’ve always been a fan of headpieces. Wearing a giant bow, a fancy flower, I love wearing something in my hair, on my head. For fun, for fashion. For fashion fun.

Hopefully you’ll soon discover the joy of wearing headpieces too, if you’re not already practicing the headpiece wearing sport! I found this impeccably flamboyant rose-y headpiece (can I actually associate flamboyant and white?) and I thought it’s a challenge to wear it. And wear it well! Lara Mullen (the model) looks so delicate in one of this season’s most appreciated trends: immaculate white and the headpieces come from Jane Taylor Millinery. These pictures (two more follow after the jump, so don’t hold back!) were styled by Lucinda Chambers for Vogue UK.

Roses headpiece

white headpiece

festive white headpiece

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