Lily Cole’s Melissa Power Of Love Ad Campaign

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Remember Melissa? Yes, it’s your Plastic Fantastic footwear destination so coveted by fashionistas and designers alike that it’s getting almost impossible to ignore. I admit I’d be willing to try on a pair of Melissa sandals just to see what they feel like!

Until the day my curiosity will push me to actually go and try some Melissa, let’s do some fashionable staring! The lovely Lily Cole, who’s been more active in the academic circles than on the catwalk (oh, and on the big screen – I have yet to see The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus in which she has a leading role), is fronting Melissa’s new Ad Campaign. (do check out the images right after the jump; click here for the gallery!)

Lily Cole Melissa Power of Love ad campaign

The Power of Love is the name and the images are so lovely, so bohemian, so chic, I completely understand why Melissa has gone from “plastic shoes” to “really fashionable and stylish plastic shoes”. Plus: their passion for non traditional designers like Vivienne Westwood, Gareth Pugh, Jason Wu or architects like the eminent Zaha Hadid makes Melissa’s designs a must see, if not must – wear! Now, I’d like to hear it from those of you who own a pair of Melissa shoes: what are they really like? Do they offer a good sole support? What are the pros and the cons of wearing Melissa footwear? (courtesy Melissa)

Lily Cole Melissa 2012 ad campaign Lily Cole Melissa Ad Campaign Lily Cole Melissa Power of Love campaign

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