Lara Stone Krav Maga Demonstration. In Couture And High Heels

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Watching Krav Maga demonstrations on Discovery was so yesterday! Now, every fashion girl can get her own adapted Krav Maga training from Lara Stone. And it’s not your usual sneakers – tracksuit training either! It’s a couture and high heels Krav Maga session! (and be sure to check out the video after the jump!)

First of all, Krav Maga is the new kickboxing. It’s a self defense system originated and perfected in Israel (and currently used by the Israeli Defense Forces) which literally means “hand – to – hand combat”. Krav Maga was brought to the US in the early 80s as the FBI expressed high interest in the Israeli self defense technique.

Krav Maga by Lara Stone

Now what’s that got to do with fashion? Well, one must assume that in our not – yet – perfect society, women’s hobbies count self defense techniques. And since women are not always wearing their sneakers and tracksuits in order to make kickboxing a living reality, they must know how to defend themselves even when wearing high heels and really precious couture garments. Hence Lara Stone by Nick Knight demonstrate Krav Maga for Showstudio. It’s a series of videos, you can start with the one below if you find it useful! (first seen here, check out Showstudio’s Youtube Channel for more Krav Maga goodies and more; Krav Maga’s wikipage here)

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