Keira Knightley Covers Interview April 2012

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Wow! It’s been a while since my last Keira Knightley cover! But this Interview April 2012 cover really is outstanding work! Keira is a grown up now, she doesn’t need to pout on every magazine cover she shows her pretty little head! And that’s great.

There’s no word about the photographed yet, only a handful of promising cover titles – there’s even a tiny mention of Michael Pitt and Jamie Bochert hitting the North African Desert (I wonder if they’re talking about that Selfridges short film we watched last week?). Either way, I hope Keira gets more photo shoots like this one, she really looks amazing! (and I keep my fingers crossed for the inside pictorial to be just as magnificent!)

Keira Knightley Interview April 2012 cover

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