Karlie, Saskia, Aymeline, Daria Do Numero By Lagerfeld

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You know, Karl Lagerfeld, pretty much like air, is everywhere around us. From the Paris Fashion Week catwalk to the beverages in your fridge, the glasses in your kitchen and so much more, Karl Lagerfeld has photographed some of his favorite models for Numero 131, Neo Couture.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering where does the Neo – come from, think no further than Neo-n! Neon lights, haute couture, it’s a notoriously acclaimed match. I fully admire, however, Lagerfeld’s ability to work with other designer clothes (other than what he designed) and his capacity to go beyond his perspective and always keep a fresh eye on things. (talking about eye – notice the elongated cat eye makeup? Kaiser approved!) Karlie Kloss is gorgeous, as are Aymeline Valade, Daria Strokous and Saskia De Brauw! I wonder if Anja wasn’t available for this pictorial, I would’ve loved seeing her do couture!

Karlie Kloss Numero March cover by Lagerfeld

Saskia de Brauw Numero cover by Lagerfeld

Numero March 2012 cover photo by Karl Lagerfeld

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