Karl Lagerfeld Black And White Glasses For Orrefors

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Because der Kaiser is keen on making us see the world in black and white, he now extended his “life without color” aesthetic and reached the home – related goods. Table – related, to be more specific: Orrefors of Sweden by Karl Lagerfeld will be available in stores from September 1.

Besides from the KL monogrammed Black and White glasses (“free standing geometrical cloud” like Karl described the white ones in a short video – you can watch it right after the jump!), you will notice each glass from the collection comes with an “under-glass”. I don’t expect it to come cheap, so count maybe $100 for (one) glass from the Karl Lagerfeld for Orrefors collection.

Karl Lagerfeld glasses

Karl Lagerfeld Orrefors glasses collection clear black white

Orrefors, a renowned utility glass and art glass name since 1898 combined their usual Scandinavian flawless eye for design for both series collection and also exclusive crafts like the wedding gift from the Swedish Parliament and Government to Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel (2010). Is Karl Lagerfeld a good match for the brand? I think so. He can now sip his Diet Coke in his own designed glass! He’s such a spoiled big kid sometimes! Big, brilliant, amazing kid! (Orrefors)

Karl Lagerfeld drinking diet Coke from Orrefors white glass

Karl Lagerfeld Orrefors collection 1 Karl Lagerfeld Orrefors collection 2 Karl Lagerfeld Orrefors collection 3

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