Are You Skinny Fat? Equinox Asks

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This is a new controversial ad campaign started by Equinox. Who or what is Equinox and why does it feed on controversy? Equinox is a high end fitness center based in New York. In January 2012, they released images from an ad campaign which perplexed gym goers and not just them. It involved non traditional fitness advertising photographed by a very controversial character also known as Uncle Terry.

And because the dust has somewhat settled on that campaign, Equinox is reclaiming his place in the spotlight with a new question: Are You Skinny Fat? While the slogan can appear as slightly illogical, they figured out a way to forcefeed logic into it: by measuring the fat percentage in the global body mass. Otherwise known as “normal weight obesity”. Sounds catchy, huh? Means that not only should you worry about the numbers when it comes to your weight. But also about the quality of that particular weight.

Now: it may be too early for me to think about skinny fat, and surely a high end fitness center won’t make me reconsider the way I look at my body fat. What they want to sell, in the end, is basically the same thing: eat healthy and train regularly. There’s no revolution there. (however, if you want to know more about Equinox and their Skinny Fat thingie, head on here. Their website is full of healthy wisdom. yawn! Now excuse me while I go flex my muscles and scoop out the chocolate from that pantry top shelf – this skinny fat thing’s got me confused, I need my sugar levels back to think straight).

are you skinny fat

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