AnOther Jessica Chastain

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I came to love Jessica Chastain for her theatrical versatility and for her normality. Every time I see her on the Red Carpet she seems like such a nice, normal person! And now she’s a star! How long will she hold on to her natural ways? Until that question is answered, I’d like you to take a look at AnOther Jessica Chastain!

AnOther Magazine’s Spring Summer 2012 cover shows a white faced Jessica, laughing her face off. She’s oddly similar with Florence Welch, but that could be just me… Anyway, Willy Vanderperre did a nice job photographing Jessica for the exquisite fashion magazine, there’s another picture right after the jump, the Diva – attitude, bored and perpetually waiting for something to wake her interest. Like I said, AnOther Jessica Chastain. (now on a more personal note – we tried to watch The Tree of Life and we stopped because it was so sad. So unbearably sad – anyone seen it? Does it get lighter? Brighter?)

Jessica Chastain Another Magazine cover

Jessica Chastain Another Magazine

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