Fatima Siad’s Herve Leger Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

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Fatima Said is a notorious contestant in America’s Next Top Model’s TV Show. Her beauty and, I’m sure, her modeling skills, have landed her a major ad campaign this season: Herve Leger Spring Summer 2012. The first image has just landed and it worries me a bit.

As happy as I am for the opportunity, as enchanted as I am by the visuals, I still have some reserves about placing Fatima next to a white horse. Am I just being paranoid, should I calm my fashion nerves and simply call it a beautiful campaign and move on?

Fatima Said Herve Leger Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign


#1 Riana on 01.13.12 at 11:15 am

Yes, I think you should move on; everyone should. The thought didn’t even cross my mind. It’s just a beautiful picture.

It doesn’t happen often that ANTM contestant grabs a campaign like that right?

#2 ana on 01.14.12 at 3:29 pm

I am always a bit of concerned on why in fashion they need to associate black women with wild/ exotic….

#3 Ellington on 01.14.12 at 10:16 pm

@ ana:
A very excellent and valid question!
I too wonder about that really derivative and hackneyed association that fashion has with black women and models.
Fatima Siad is very beautiful and I hope that she has a long and fruitful career!

#4 kpriss on 01.16.12 at 5:57 am

Thank you girls! I’m more at peace now – I realize I wasn’t the only one with eyebrows raised high in a endless “why” as in why a white horse and a black model? it saddens me to see that when it comes to odd stereotypes, fashion is jumping right in, heads first!

#5 Riana on 01.16.12 at 9:32 am

Kpriss, are you also at peace with my reply? I think not. It didn’t even cross my mind, as I said, to see a black model. I’m colorblind to people’s skin. I was pleasantly surprised a ANTM contester grossed herself such a campaign. I don’t know whom she is I don’t watch the show. Was she a winner too?

Fashion is besides rac*st also se*ist and ageist and leans towards paedo*hile since models has to be that young when they start and have to retire at the peak in their life. There’s a lot more terribly wrong in fashion. Fashion has lost it’s lustre. It’s all about commerce as the red carpet of the Golden Globes and the recent “models” shows us the last the last decade.

Looking at this picture in positive way one could also see that peaceful white horse showing the beautiful colour of the model’s skin. If I have to look at the colour of the model’s skin that is. And together they make a perfect picture.

As for stereotype: fashion is stereotype!

#6 Horsegirl on 02.21.12 at 9:04 am

It’s just a stunning contrast! Her beautiful dark skin againts the white of the horse. Move on.

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