Adriana Lima’s New Super Bowl Ad For Kia

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Adriana Lima returns to the Super Bowl, this time not with Victoria’s Secret, though, as everyone would expect. Adriana Lima goes to the 2012 Super Bowl with Kia.

Because, as everyone knows, Super Bowl is all about men and cars. Oh, and football, yes! It appears that the ad follows a guy’s dream in which he’s driving a Kia Optima, listening to Mötley Crüe’s Kickstart My Heart. Somewhere in that dream there’s Adriana Lima and martial arts fighter Chuck Liddell – and I’m sure everything makes perfect sense! 60 seconds of rock, fights, beautiful women and cars. ahem Kia. (if we’re to believe earlier reports, this ad would cost Kia a whopping $7Million! Whoa! Well, anyway, until the Super Bowl version will be available, you can watch the music video for Kickstart My Heart here and, as a reminder, Adriana’s 2008 Super Bowl ad for VS after the jump!)

Adriana Lima Super Bowl ad Kia

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