Marc Jacobs Celebrates The Holidays. In St Barts With Lorenzo Martone

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After a long, hardworking year, Marc Jacobs is taking a break under the sun in St Barts. He may be vacationing, alright, but he took his faithful Hermes Birkin with him. Out of his official designing and trend setting functions, Marc traded his trademark skirt for a pair of skull shorts, black top and black flip flops.

Now you know what the most influential designers wear during their end of the year vacations, you have no more excuses to be the most stylish you can while taking a break under the hot sun. (what’s up with Lorenzo Martone? Are they together again?)

Marc Jacobs celebrating the Holidays in St Barts

Marc Jacobs at the beach with Lorenzo Martone

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#1 Riana on 12.31.11 at 9:12 am

Some last criticism and a compliment at the last day of the year then…:P
So Marc has dumped the p*rnstar BF or lover? Lorenzo is way cuter; to be honest he looks the best of these two. It’s such a pity Marc ruined his body with these tacky tattoos. At least Lorenzo’s are sort of stylish. He should not take one more….he’s a very handsome man. Handsome in a nice way.

I think it’s fun Marc carries that Birkin bag. Why not? I bet there are a lot to spot at St. Barts during the holidays ;)

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