Lara Stone’s New Mercedes Benz Campaign

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I was wondering what was Lara Stone doing these days! It would appear that the new ad campaign season was of no interest whatsoever for the lovely blonde. Until… Well, until the new Mercedes Benz Fall Winter 2012 2013 ad campaign came along.

Lara Stone is the new Mercedes Benz spokesperson. And even if I’m having troubles seeing the real message of the campaign photographed by Alex Prager, it’s obvious that a tall, model – like blond girl with black clothes on, black suitcases and a gorgeous, most luxurious convertible is more alluring to a break out / storm out scene than anything else. Anyway, Lara is a fine woman and that is one fine piece of car too! Perfect match, aren’t they? (way better than last year’s Karolina Kurkova matching)

Lara Stone Mercedes Benz Ad campaign

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