Lara Stone Welcomes Baby Boy?

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Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, rumor has it that Lara Stone gave birth a couple of days ago. Just somewhere around the Met Gala… Because you know, a fashion baby just has to come at the right fashion moment!

There’s no word about the name yet, although I read somewhere that Lara’s husband, British comedian David Walliams wanted a ‘normal name’ for the baby, so chances are this baby, although I’m sure he’ll wear the most amazing fashion tidbits, will wear a lovely name just like his mom and dad. Oh, and yes, the only thing we know (technically, the only rumor flying around, but you know how much I love a good piece of pregnancy-baby-related news!) is that the happy couple welcomed a baby boy! I’m sure they won’t stop here and that they’ll be adding to their brood later down their happy marriage road! Blessings and quick recovery for the lovely mama! (thanks to the Dutch Vogue’s archives, here’s a good look at a normal-looking pregnant model!)

heavily pregnant Lara Stone

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