Karl Lagerfeld’s Affordable Collection, Karl, Launches Online January 25

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Because a fashion designer has a lot of time on his / her hands, Karl Lagerfeld has joined Europe’s biggest tech conference, Le Web, to talk about (what else) his upcoming fashion label / collection. Symbolically named “Karl”, the new brand is supposed to be a more affordable approach of Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion, seriously spiced with leather and rock’n’roll charm. (although judging from the video alone, with no other information to tie things together, I’d swear it was a shampoo ad!)

Although not much was revealed about the actual collection, Karl Lagerfeld did say he carries 4 iPhones, 20 to 30 iPads and numerous iPods with him. On all times. (whaaa?). Oh, anyway, we know as much as $236, the price of a Karl leather jacket (the collection will sell exclusively online)! And we also know this: “We will make fashion and technology history.”. Consider yourselves warned!

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