Sisters In Fashion: The Olsens And The Fannings

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This month, it’s all about the family, as I’m about to prove you further along the road. Both Vogue and W magazine decided to bring on some seriously fashionable and trendy sisters for their covers.

Elle and Dakota Fanning do W magazine December 2011 while Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen cover Vogue’s best dressed special issue. Except for me not getting all the hype around the Olsen sisters, if I’ll had to choose, I’ll most definitely go for the W sister act. Dakota and Elle are lovely and I’m sure they’ll grow up to be amazing actresses (not that they wouldn’t already be sans the “grow up” part!) and I always get the impression Mary Kate Olsen is pushing too far, too hard. At least the Fanning sisters don’t go out of their skin to be fashionable. Normal people are fabulous people!

Vogue Olsens cover W Fannings cover

Elle Dakota Fanning W Magazine

Ashley Mary Kate Olsen Vogue picture

Dakota Elle Fanning W Fanning Sister W Magazine


#1 DollyBird on 11.20.11 at 3:35 pm

Except maybe in Full House I’ve never understood the fascination with the Olsens either. They always seem to appear huddling together like meercats wary of the photographer.
The Fanning girls are indeed a breath of fresh air. Can’t explain it but there’s something old-Hollywood glamour about them in the Lillian Gish & Carole Lombard genre.

#2 Ellington on 11.21.11 at 12:28 pm

Nice one DollyBird :D

From now on they shall forever be the Meercat twins! :)

I too prefer the Elle and Dakota cover and the fact that they look natural in their clothes.
I know that the Meercat twins have tried to build themselves as fashion icons and that they have two successful lines but they try to hard to be avant garde fashion forward stylistas. If they want to know how it is done they should study at the stylish feet of Daphne Guinness, or read up on Audrey Hepburn.
They are and were both effortlessly stylish women. If you have to try too hard (like Lady Gaga and the Meercat twins), to be fashion forward then you really are not succeeding.

#3 DollyBird on 11.21.11 at 3:00 pm

Ellington – granted the Meercat twins seem to have charmed the critics with their past collections(impeccably tailored I’m told) but thanks to the best PR agents around and because they have the means and the time to devote to their collections with the best fabrics & workshop. I feel sorry for the dozens of struggling designers who aren’t so lucky nor have the chance to rub shoulders with Anna, ALT & their ilk. Am I envious of them? Not at all. I just never understood why they have been placed on such a fashion pedestal.
About 8 years ago I attended a store opening when they came here to promote their kiddywear line & I was flabbergasted to see them NOT wearing the line they were selling but dressed in Chanel! Oh the irony of it all. Okay I didn’t lose sleep over it but I just thought what fools they were making of their fans who were there to buy their clothes and add more zeros to their bank accounts.

#4 Ellington on 11.21.11 at 3:08 pm

Yes I hate that their fans fall for that. It is like a joke. It is sad that there are dozens of struggling designers who do not have the McCartney name or the Meercat money to give them the start they need.
I take Victoria Beckham far more seriously than the Meercat twins and I am not a fan of hers. She is okay though.

#5 Ellington on 11.21.11 at 3:09 pm

Oh and that book that they put out a while back… Influence… :P
Influenza is more like it I should think! ;)

#6 Riana on 11.21.11 at 5:07 pm

Hahahahahah……stop it girls my stomach hurts from laughing…..almost ruined my laptop while I try to drink tea…..hahahahahahah……

…but thanks for teaching me a new word: ‘meerkat’ took me some googling but I get it now….hahahahahahah….influenza…..:D

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