Fashion Up Your Home With Jason Wu’s Home Collection For Brizo

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I know what you must be thinking – hello Miss Wu pillows and various owl shaped maison objects! You may be surprised to find out it’s really not that! It’s something for the bathroom and not at all shaped like the lovely Wu owl! It’s faucets, baby! Faucets from Jason Wu!

What you may not know, however, is that Brizo has sponsored Jason Wu since 2006. So It’s a natural step for the designer, even if it’s not an obvious one for us. Designing a new faucet with Jason Wu’s sartorial sensibility must have been a very interesting experience for Brizo as well and, if all goes well (read if the $800 lavatory faucet or the $125 wastebasket sell), I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Jason Wu around the house. Through Brizo, biensur! (just out of curiosity – would you spend $250 on a wall mounted bathroom shelf, $105 on a soap pump and $105 on a soap dish?) (this was possible with a little help from 1, 2, 3)

jason wu Brizo home collection

jason WU Brizo bath collection

jason WU Brizo bath self and soap containers

jason WU for Brizo

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