Jason Wu’s Miss Wu Mini Cross Body Bag

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While I’m constantly packing on diapers and multiple clothing changes for a regular outing with the kids (yeah, that happens when you have a baby – everything your bag used to be now and have resides under a mountain of baby things – as if locating the keys in your purse wasn’t hard enough as it was!), I keep dreaming about sizing down my bags.

Because there comes a time in a woman’s life when a larger – than – life tote isn’t satisfying anymore. You have to downsize it. Seriously. And I’ve been searching high and low for my favorite cross body bags in a mini version. Jason Wu’s Miss Wu is my latest crush!

Part of the Fall Winter 2011 2012 collection, the Miss Wu Mini Cross Body bag is as close to perfect as I can imagine a bag this size can be! It’s lady-ish enough to make it through the tightest pretentious comb and practical enough to conquer a mother’s heart (on a sans diapers season). How about you? How do you feel about Miss Wu? (and mini bags in general?) (via 1, 2)

Jason Wu Fall 2011 Mini Wu bag

Jason Wu Miss Wu Mini Cross Body Bag

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