Ryan Gosling – A Designer?

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Talking about John Malkovich and his foray into the fashion industry got me thinking for something I read the other day. There’s a little rumor flying around according to which, Ryan Gosling would be a designer.

There’s nothing official yet, only an interview in which the author said something about Ryan Gosling putting on the leather jacket designed by him. Speculations? Maybe. Judging from the Drive jacket moment, there could be more to it than just a fugitive mention at the bottom of a printed interview. Ryan Gosling, however, continues to be one of the most underrated actors of the moment. Crossing fingers for his star to shine bright, he’s a very gifted actor. Have you seen him perform?

“I’m just so sick of myself. I can’t imagine how everyone else feels. And there’s just nowhere to go but down really from here. So, hey, it’s been nice. It’s been real.” He laughs hard, puts on his grey, self-designed leather jacket and feigns leaving, with some good reason.”

Ryan Gosling leather jacket


#1 Rick Lyrek on 10.31.11 at 5:30 pm

From the sound of things, he was definitely the designer! I have heard he is one of those guys that is just kind of talented at everything, so it would not surprise me at all.

#2 Dollybird on 11.01.11 at 6:40 am

Gosh everytime I gaze at this guy’s sexy take it or leave it face I wanna light up a cigarette afterwards *ahem calm down Dolly*
Ryan is indeed a gifted actor and his non chalance about it all makes him all the more appealing. I hope he get’s chosen to play iconic Illya Kuryakin in the upcoming movie version of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Him with slicked back hair & in a tight black suit is all I’m asking for in the movie. :)

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