Kristen Stewart’s Glamour US November 2011

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Now that’s something: Kristen Stewart has two covers out this month. And a movie. But back to the fashion magazines: Glamour US November 2011 painting Kristen as tween-ish and as awkwardly as she truly is and GQ UK November 2011 trying to pull the woman out of Kristen’s body. And mind.

I’m having troubles getting the GQ feature under my skin, whereas her Glamour pictorial is totally her. Frozen face, unsettled attitude, unsure feminine posing. Yep, that’s Kristen Stewart alright! (and how many times can she open up about Twilight? In how many ways can she be groundbreaking, ice melting original about an already too long franchise?)

Kristen Stewart Glamour November 2011 cover

Kristen Stewart for Glamour November

Kristen Stewart white lace Glamour Kristen Stewart Glamour November 2011 pictures Kristen Stewart Glamour glitter

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