Kristen Stewart’s GQ November 2011

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This is strange. Like cheesecake and vodka strange. Kristen Stewart on the cover of GQ Magazine? This is the kind of forced marketing maneuver which, surprisingly, may work just fine on the audience!

I keep my eyebrows high and freeze at the “where did teenagers queen Kristen Stewart passed from tweens to men audience?”. You see the handy work of Norman Jean Roy’s lenses there? Yep, that retro touch and above time colorful pin up glam, it’s all Norman Jean Roy, blessed his talented heart! I can’t help it, though. I look at the cover and keep thinking “awkward”. How does this make you feel? (there’s an interview going with that picture, check some of it out here)

Kristen Stewart GQ cover by Norman Jean Roy

Kristen Stewart black swimsuit for GQ Kristen Stewart glam pin up GQ Kristen Stewart in GQ

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