Gaby Moreno Daydream By Design

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Sweethearts, this week’s break is pretty special. As they all are. Humor me, nevertheless! Have you heard of Gaby Moreno? I’m obsessing over one of her beautiful, beautiful songs and so I decided to share. Share my obsession. Pass it along (wink).

Gaby Moreno’s Daydream by Design. There’s no official video for this piece. Only a recording from a live performance held on September 26th at the Beachland Tavern in Cleveland, Ohio. And I’m so happy they decided to record and post this video, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to speak about how I listen and listen to this piece!

Honeyz, I wish we could’ve been there. All of us! I hope you enjoy it, please let me know how it made you feel?

If you like Parks and Recreation, you’ll love Gaby Moreno too! Just imagine that she wrote the theme song for the much acclaimed TV Series! (see below if you do or don’t know what I’m talking about). Daydream by Design is the last song from Illustrated Songs, Gaby’s last album (her second, the first being Still the Unknown) and it fully encompasses Gaby’s love for jazz and blues. Although I like discovering new and interesting artists (and share my findings with you), I’d love for her to hit the mainstream. She’s such a gifted artist, the world deserves to hear her happy, soulful tunes! (you can find out more about Gaby Moreno here)

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