Community’s Gillian Jacobs Is Maniac In September 2011

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It’s the first time I hear about a magazine called Maniac! Shame on me! The reason I heard of it in the first place is because they had Britta on the cover! Wha? Britney? No-no-no-no honeyz! Don’t you watch Community? You do? Well, good for you, then! We do too and we looooove it!

Now, back to Maniac: Gillian Jacobs, aka Britta from Community covers the August September 2011 issue of Maniac. And that’s great! However, to my great surprise, although I was expecting a great inside pictorial, I discovered strange, strange pictures with Gillian. And that’s such a waste, she’s a funny, smart, great looking young woman! This could’ve been so much better! From where I stand, it all looks like a poor man’s Terry pictorial. How about from your end? (I only added few pictures, you can check them out in the gallery – it felt too weird for my taste!) (Maniac via April Hubal)

Community Britta Gillian Jacobs Magazine Cover Maniac

Community Britta Gillian Jacobs Maniac

Community Britta Gillian Jacobs dressed up looking great

Gillian Jacobs Britta from Community Magazine pictorial Gillian Jacobs Maniac September 2011 Gillian Jacobs Maniac Magazine

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#1 Ellington on 08.21.11 at 9:54 am

I LOVE Community! And Britta is a fun character.
These photos are kind of cute and I love her dresses.

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