Beyonce’s Harper’s Bazaar September 2011

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There goes another September cover. Slowly, steadily, we’re closing in on the big fashmagazines and their respective September covers / pictorials. And it’s getting better with every passing photo!

Beyonce is gracing the UK edition of Harper’s Bazaar September 2011 as photographed by Alex Lubomirski and styled by Franck Benhamou. She’s fierce and flawless, gorgeous, impeccable and implacably fashionable. I’m so loving this first image even though it’s a celebrity cover and it would be implicit to have a model on a September issue cover. Then again, Beyonce’s influence on fashion, style and anything / everything in-between is way more important than, say, Daria’s?

UPDATE: The lovely people over at tFS came up with the rest of the pictorial: you can see the images after the jump or click here for the gallery!

Beyonce Harper s Bazaar September 2011 cover

Beyonce Harpers Bazaar September 2011 cover by Alex Lubomirski

gorgeous Beyonce photo HB

Beyonce Harpers Bazaar Lubomirski photo

Beyonce Harpers Bazaar September 2011 photo Beyonce Harpers Bazaar Alex Lubomirski Beyonce Harpers Bazaar 2011


#1 ajginger on 08.03.11 at 6:19 am

Of course: she’s a performer, her audience is far larger. Daria is “only” a model but a great one who had proved her longevity. Photoshop kills even the most beautiful and best models. And as for influences when it comes to models: there’s only one Kate Moss until now!!

This is the best and most beautiful and also stylish of photos of Beyonce I have seen in ages. I love this cover.

#2 Ellington on 08.03.11 at 10:23 am

You are right ajginger! This is a lovely photo of Beyonce!
To be honest I rather see a photo of Beyonce than Lady Gaga, but I do wish that they would also use Florence Welch, Corrine Bailey Rae and Adele too on magazine covers!
: )

#3 kpriss on 08.03.11 at 3:22 pm

Is Beyonce promoting a new album? something? I keep seeing her around and I’m not sure why … Either way, she’s looking stunning as usual, they surely know how to take pictures (and perform amazing retouches).

Ah yes! Florence and Corrine and Adele! Wouldn’t they make a wonderful cover, all three of them? :X loving your idea, Ellington!

#4 ajginger on 08.03.11 at 5:28 pm

That other cover is very striking too. I prefer the first one though. And I agree also with Ellington; I am also done with Lady Gaga so bring on these other very talented and stylish ladies :)

#5 mdinah on 08.03.11 at 5:31 pm

kpriss: isn’t Beyonce ALWAYS promoting something?? I am more than tired of her.

#6 ajginger on 08.03.11 at 5:52 pm

Hi mdinah!

I forgot to say that Beyonce has a new album “Run The World (Girls)” it’s out since the end of June.

#7 keiko on 08.04.11 at 3:35 am

These covers are awesome. Alex Lubomirski photography is always stunning – he is one of my favourite photographers & I usually am immediately turned off by celebrity covers but this is an exception. Beyonce is my husband’s favourite celebrity – so I am not allowed to complain – LOL!!

#8 ajginger on 08.04.11 at 6:47 am

I never been a Beyonce fan. I still am not fond of some ways she earns her money. But….I saw her live on tv direct from Glastonbury and I found her an amazing performer. I was in awe….Though I still don’t own any album of her.

mdinah, that goes for most or maybe all celebrities these days right? Whether it is a new album or a movie…..whatever, these covers are strikingly beautiful.

#9 mdinah on 08.04.11 at 2:23 pm

hi jinjer.. hi gurlss…
back from the worst case of eye infection. EVER. in the whole world!! Deezus….
Beyonce is very beautiful.No doubt. but I think that she and the Rihanas and the alikes are sending twisted/wrong messages for girls.
I am not against sexy women. at all.
But it is A BIT tooo much. Run the world?? yes, please… but stop reinforcing stereotypes of THIS actual male dominated world.
Most of my male friends(most of them very inteligent) firstly see her as a s*x bomb and not as a talented musician.

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