Tavi’s Latest Project – A Book

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I’m confident that Tavi Gevinson, the teen fashblogging sensation will live up to her name and spirit in her upcoming book.

The concept is rather new for the fashblogging writing / publishing style (as almost all bloggers who adventured in writing books did it in a “how to”-ish tone, thus not bringing anything really new and original to the table. Just summarizing their blogging experience and inviting others to do the same if, say, they wanted to be in the First Row). Tavi’s idea is to present the book as a Diary – scrapbook. We’ll see how that turns out. Especially since the Mulleavy sisters are said to participate! (also – how charming Tavi looks at a recent Miu Miu event! Priceless!)

Tavi Gevinson flowery dress red hair


#1 Decor Arts Now on 07.27.11 at 7:06 am

A book deal would be my dream goal for blogging. Bloggers seem to be getting deals left right and center.
Lucky Tavi!

#2 Ellington on 07.27.11 at 9:02 am

I like Tavi, She is really about her love of fashion and she looks lovely in this photo! Way to go on getting a book deal! : )

#3 ajginger on 07.27.11 at 9:14 am

Hi Ellington! I just was about to write something similar. I read her blog now and then and I find her special, creative never boring. She is an original, very intelligent. Not many girls are like her. Good for her and her parents whom stimulated their daughters talents!
To be honest; I don’t like her outfit here that much…:)

#4 Jane on 07.28.11 at 4:59 am

Sweet smile, looks lovely!

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