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Tavi’s L’Officiel Paris October 2011 Cover
Is this Tavi Gevinson‘s first official magazine cover? It’s delicious! She’s looking as trendy as a Chanel clown, with a fancy curtain bow on top!... Read More

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Tavi’s Latest Project – A Book
I’m confident that Tavi Gevinson, the teen fashblogging sensation will live up to her name and spirit in her upcoming book. The concept is rather... Read More

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Tavi About What Made Her So Popular, Fashion And More
As you know, I rarely enjoy a piece of good fashion (or not so much about fashion) read. And whenever I find something noteworthy, I... Read More

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Tavi Gevinson At War Against Terry Richardson!
While Tavi sometimes raises my eyebrows, I have to stand up for an honest round of applause this time! Yes, in Tavi’s honor! Remember those... Read More

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