Laura Bell Bundy’s Booty Up. Wrangler New Jeans Ad Campaign

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I was wondering what’s up with the new technology that enables jeans to make you look thinner, curvier, jeans that lift up your behind, jeans that elongate your legs and, maybe, who knows, in the near future, jeans that will do the laundry for you. (joking)

So unless my experience will prove me otherwise, jeans are just jeans, contrary to what Wrangler said their latest Booty Up jeans will do to you! Laura Bell Bundy is the spokesperson (spokesbooty, would be more appropriate) for Wrangler’s new jeans which totally enhance your rear and lift it up through some magic inseams. Take a look at the image below and tell me what you honestly think! (I should fairly warn you, thought, Laura’s position is naturally uplifting her rear, you’ll notice it too if you do the same in the mirror, even sans the Wrangler Booty Up $60 Jeans)

Laura Bell Bundy Booty Up Wrangler New Jeans Ad Campaign

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#1 Jane on 07.28.11 at 5:02 am

Jean can also be sexy!

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