Charlene Wittstock, The Monaco Princess Bride Wore Armani Wedding Gowns

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I will keep it short, just because I love weddings and I can’t stay away from talking wedding gowns. I’m sure you all know by now, and some of you even followed the ceremonies, the now Princess Charlene of Monaco wedded Prince Albert of Monaco this weekend.

The bride chose to wear Armani for the occasion, her two immaculate white bride gowns were both signed by Giorgio Armani. Charlene looked amazing, as every bride does, on her special day. I wish she’d look happier… (right after the jump there’s an image of Charlene in her soft blue suit from the Civil Ceremony) (photos via)

Charlene Wittstock princess bride in Armani wedding gowns Albert Monaco wedding

Charlene Wittstock blue suit Albert de Monaco civil wedding ceremony

Charlene Wittstock white Armani wedding dress Albert de Monaco wedding

Princess Charlene de Monaco Armani gown Albert de Monaco


#1 mdinah on 07.04.11 at 12:31 pm

at some moments it looked like she was going to the patibulum and not to the altar.

#2 ajginger on 07.04.11 at 1:38 pm

I thought she looked sedated and then that winking “prince”…argh, how stylish was that? Sorry, to me it was all a show. Monaco, a little village at a rock for people who don’t want to pay taxes to their own country….the F1 race track and that’s it….hardly a royal wedding to me despite the whole show and all these high profiled guests…..

mdinah what is a patibulum? I tried several dictionaries but couldn’t find the word. Scaffold?

#3 mdinah on 07.04.11 at 2:00 pm

hahaha…. I didnt thought on that… MAYBE SHE WAS sedated…Now all that I see is Caroline droping some Valiuns in her tea…hahaha.The only way to keep her from running away?? oh God I hope all those comments are lies.
But my question is : if she was acting, why didnt she put some more smiles on her beautiful face? She is gorgeous. Her bone structure is beyond perfect. The dress was amazing. The diamonds on her head could buy a town in some countries.
I think I would be happy just for being there.. afterall its not for the rest of her life.And for a while she can be friends with Daniel Ducret (Stefania’s ex).And last, she should wear tiaras EVERYDAY, even at shower, life faire tailes.
Patibulum is the place were people are executed. poor choice of words. sorry

#4 ajginger on 07.04.11 at 4:11 pm

Hihi, mdinah, you should have heard us at the couch speaking about being “THAT TERRIBLE PERSON”. We thought she was on Xanax (well almost the same I believe?) and couldn’t smile because of botox and and all Albert’s “love children”. Anyway learnt a new word (couldn’t find it in three dictionary’s) and no “sorry” needed since you are close to our thoughts!! ;) :D

#5 Ellington on 07.05.11 at 3:54 am

Her dress was lovely as was she, but I did not like her other white dress with the frills nor the blue thing she collaborated with Herr Kaiser with.
I have heard that she tried to escape this “sentence” three times!
Shame really marriage should be a willing, loving and exciting adventure, not some prison sentence or stay of execution.
What a difference between William and Kate’s wedding and affection for each other!

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