Cabo Fun In The Sun: Jennifer Aniston Sans Baby Bump

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The tabloids keep jumping on the right cover title just to boost sales. I can’t seem to get that in my head once and for all! There was this baby bump buzz not long ago, saying that both Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Aniston were expecting – remember?

However, while there’s still no word about Anne, Jennifer Aniston was just photographed in Cabo, sunbathing with her fiancé, Justin Theroux and she was certainly not showing any signs of baby bump! You can hit the gallery here for a better look and weigh in. The only weird thing going on is Justin’s swimsuit. But that too gets a pass due to the new state of economy: ‘reuse, repurpose’ sounds better than ‘consume’, right? (images SplashNewsOnline via)

Jennifer Aniston pregnant not

Jennifer Aniston showing her body still not pregnant

Jennifer Aniston red swimsuit Cabo Justin Theroux sunbathing in Cabo Jennifer Aniston no baby bump

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