The Swimsuit Of The Season As Illustrated By Kate Moss

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There’s a Kate Moss pictorial in Vogue Brazil (May 2011) as photographed by Mario Testino. In the said pictorial, Kate Moss is photographed wearing various swimming suits or swim – related postures.

One of the pictures, however, has caught my attention: it’s a bright colored one piece swimming suit Kate is wearing with grace and unbalanced sense of fashion. It’s actually the only picture of the entire pictorial where a man appears alongside Kate. And that man is Rodrigo Santoro. And I have absolutely no idea why he’s there in the picture with her (aside from, the obvious, that he’s Brazilian and that this is, after all, Vogue Brazil).

But that is not even the issue here – the issue here is brought to my attention by Kate’s swimsuit. Is this the new it swimsuit? The spilling out of swimsuit? Because in my head, that a certified no – go! How about in your perspective? (Vogue Brazil via 1, 2)

Kate Moss swimsuit

Kate Moss swimsuit Vogue Brazil Rodrigo Santoro

Kate Moss Vogue Brazil May 2011 Mario Testino cover


#1 ajginger on 06.01.11 at 2:25 pm

Kate has a healthy looking body in that swimsuit don’t you think? I like it on her; I would be afraid my boobies go their own way and then I rather be topless than wearing that design.

(Heard Mario Testino is going to photograph Kate’s wedding.)

#2 kpriss on 06.01.11 at 11:36 pm

Healthy, yeah, you can see her belly popping up ;) I was pointing out the same thing – how can one wear that thing and keep it all tucked away? What’s the deal? oh, I so dislike it when I see clothes meant to make an individual feel uncomfortable wearing them! What’s Xerxes’ business in that photo, though?

Oh, I almost forgot – yeah, I heard that one about Testino photographing her wedding! At least she’ll have great wedding pics! However, I like a wedding photographer who’s discreet and follows everyone throughout the event, managing to catch the most unexpected and, sometimes, best moments? I doubt that’s Testino’s bridal approach!

#3 ajginger on 06.02.11 at 7:46 am

Well about the belly; my guess is photoshop was too difficult not to ruin the pattern of the swimsuit? I like the normality of the way the belly looks. Nothing wrong with that part! I want some normality back in fashion photography. It is not only a dream it is something important in my every day life and we ain’t all perfect. Right?
Hmm, but I look forward to see the bridal photos nevertheless. :)

#4 mdinah on 06.02.11 at 9:48 am

i hope she wears Galliano at her wedding. I will start to like her if she does.

#5 ajginger on 06.02.11 at 4:00 pm

mdinah, as I have heard it seems she is going to wear Galliano. That source is usually right. I hope it is true. She is loyal to her friends as her friends were loyal to her when she was in trouble. I like Kate because she does as she please. The little rebel. I always liked her and then not for a while but I am toback to the start: I like Kate, I love Jamie’s band and wish all who are involved happiness.

I really keeps my fingers crossed it is Galliano. He is punished enough now. Basta!

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