Isabeli Fontana’s Bottega Veneta Fall Winter 2011 2012 Ad Campaign

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Although there’s just one picture that has surfaced from the campaign, Isabeli Fontana’s Bottega Veneta’s Fall Winter 2011 2012 ads are stunning.

And I’ll tell you why this particular campaign has caught my eye: are you familiar with the name Robert Polidori? No, he’s not new in fashion. In fact, he’s not a fashion photographer at all! He’s doing documentaries. Human habitats and artistic photography. However, he was commissioned for the Bottega Veneta ad campaign and he’s doing an outstanding job in fashion too, as proven by Isabeli below. (click the picture for larger image!)

Actually, the focus is not on Isabeli, as far as I can tell. It’s on art. The wall art, the floors, everything was there, just waiting for the red Bottega outfit to come along. Isabeli’s posture and getup were meant for that particular corner, weren’t they? Man, I could write an essay about this picture! This is definitely not your average fashion photography!(if you want to know more about Robert Polidori, you can do so here; via)

Isabeli Fontana Bottega Veneta fall 2011 ad campaign

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