Food Couture. Edible Fashion Labels

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For those fashion people who enjoy eating (outside cotton balls, that is – and yes, if you’re reading / hearing this for the first time, eating cotton balls is a common practice for models, yes, it’s perfectly normal to experience goose bumps right now!) photographer Linus Morales has thought about everything!

A personal project has come to life in very fashionable shapes and symbols through the Chanel salami, the Fendi fish fingers, the Louis Vuitton toast and Gucci steak! Bon Fashion Appetit, my daaahlings! (you’d better enjoy these before the big lawyers bring the big law guns and mail out lawsuits on toast!) (Linus Morales via)

Chanel salami Morales picture

Gucci steak Linus Morales

Louis Vuitton LV Monogram on toast

Fendi logo fish fingers

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