Eva Mendes Is Thierry Mugler’s Angel

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After all the years we associated Thierry Mugler’s Angel perfume with Jerry Hall, time has finally washed the iconic blonde face from the Angel identification (meaning the Mugler marketing department was given directions to update the Angel image).

At first we were teased with Naomi Watts advertising for Angel, pretty much the same aesthetic as Jerry’s. Now, with Eva Mendes, it’s a new story altogether. Not only she’s not blonde, skinny or rock’n’roll but she’s funny, adorable and very much a today person. (she even sings for the campaign! Watch the video right after the jump!)

Eva Mendes Angel Thierry Mugler perfume ad campaign

It’s a great Angel update, if you ask me, and whoever had the idea to bring Eva on board deserves a standing round of applause! Wouldn’t you agree? (at least until we see the campaign’s video which supposedly presents Eva passing out after smelling the Angel perfume and dreaming about being an angel. As if she wouldn’t be one already, in the current reality! Oh, marketing people, you still have a long way to go!) (wwd via)

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