The Nail Polish Names Issue

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Ever wondered where do Nail Polishes get their names from and who baptizes them? Well, we may finally have a break on that one!

The charming Essie Weingarten, the lady who founded Essie (yes, as in Essie Nail Lacquer) came forth and admitted that she’s the one who named every single one of the nail polishes released by Essie. Also, Essie was the first nail lacquer brand in the industry to give names to their nail lacquer shades instead of numbers, the old school way! How amazing is that? Take a look at the woman who changed the name of the game!(Essie via)

[…] nail polish names are all over the board now, and there are just so many copy cats. When we started in the nail business 30 years ago, the shades were named by number. It was very impersonal and boring. Essie was first to add the clever shade names to polish, and we made it fun! Women everywhere loved it and remembered us. It set Essie apart.

Essie Nail Polish making

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