Mischa Barton’s Phillip Plein’s Black Skull Crystals Bag

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We’ve seen Mischa Barton a few days back wearing something I felt like describing as “clown-y”. She was also carrying a black suede bag which added a pinch of rock’n’roll to her otherwise funny look.

Seeing that skulls still rule fashion is somewhat a relief for (one) fashion is not radically changing season after season after all and (two) your skull-ish accessories are still in! So there you go, in case you’re interested: Mischa Barton was carrying a Philipp Plein black suede Crystal Sunrise handbag. (more details after the jump!)

Mischa Barton Philipp Plein skull bag

The Philipp Plein metal application at the front of the bag makes it more easy to identify and the leather die – cut rhinestones decorated skull on the side adds the extra something that sets this black suede bag aside from her sisters. You can find the Crystal Sunrise also in pink and beige for $1,543 ( 1,098 EUR) here.

Mischa Barton wearing Philipp Plein skull black bag

Philipp Plein pink skull bag

Philipp Plein pink skull bag back

Philipp Plein beige skull bag

Philipp Plein suede beige skull bag

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