Mischa Barton Is A Clowny Fashionista

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From the many things Mischa Barton is and could be, one beautiful May day she chose to be a trendsetter. Which is totally fine by me. Unless her perspective on fashion is a bit clown-y.

The charming young lady was seen wearing a highly coordinated outfit while leaving France: a mariniere and skinny jeans. The mariniere is the striped tee we’re used to seeing everywhere by now, in, most often, navy and white but also black and white. This time, Mischa chose a variation of the mariniere in red and white and she paired it with a pair of tight, skinny red jeans (plus some worn out looking boots).

But neither of the above is the key element of her getup! Oh, no! A pair of bright red (coordinated with her red-ish ensemble) very large round framed glasses mark the defining accessory of Mischa Barton’s look. Besides the clearer than daylight Waldo inspiration, how fashionable is she? You can vote right after the first image! (photos Bauer – Griffin)

Mischa Barton striped tee Waldo glasses

Mischa Barton’s mariniere and matchy Waldo glasses?

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Mischa Barton red striped tee red skinny

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