Heidi Klum Is Now Blogging

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It was only a matter of time, of course, until Heidi got into the web thing too. After all, Tyra did it, so why wouldn’t Heidi?

Lovely Heidi Klum has partnered with AOL a lifestyle platform where we can all find various Fashion & more secrets from Heidi’s life. There’s even the “I Love” archive where you can browse all of Heidi’s obsessing pleasures. Don’t miss the Outfit of the day regular with pictures of Heidi sans makeup! Plus she’s trying so hard to get popular, she even joined Twitter (@HeidiKlum) and she’s inviting everyone to jog with her from June20th! Ambitious much? (via)

Heidi Klum without makeup

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#1 ajginger on 05.26.11 at 5:15 am

I watched a few episodes of a Dutch reality series “Nederlandse Hollywood Vrouwen” (Dutch Hollywood Wives) in one Heidi and Seal where dinner guests and seems being best friends of the Dutch female host and her very rich husband. Lots of botox and all in that series wow!
And you know what? I did not like Heidi that much. I was so very disappointed. Seal was Seal; lovely man he is. But Heidi was so..I can’t lay my finger on it…German? Yes, that’s a Dutch thing to say a thing like that. The host breed organic lemons in her garden which wasn’t really ‘a garden’ because it was so designed. I missed the nature feel if you get my drift? So less flowers etc. And ohhh, what a gruelling lemon diet the ladies discussed to stay thin….brrrrrrr…..I have to find that blog to read it once at least.

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