Gucci’s Safilo EcoConscious Eyewear Collection

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Green is definitely the new fashion! The luxury brands found out that green / eco conscious may be the new gold rush they were expecting for ages. People are now madly looking for environmental friendly designs, materials and initiatives. Because, as we know, green is the new white. In order to look good, you have to wear green and be geen.

Long story short – Gucci is the new luxury name for ecoconscious: their new eyewear collection with Safilo, set to hit stores this August, promises innovative materials. With environmental friendly packaging and catalogs, the new Gucci Safilo eyewear collection was made using revolutionary acetate with higher percentage of materials from natural origins. Ready to see green? (Safilo via)

Gucci Bio Eyewear Collection Safilo

Gucci eco conscious eyewear Safilo

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