New Gardening Tips: The Family Tree

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You may remember a clever ad we talked about not long ago. The wisdom proffered within guided you to a more serene, hopefully happier life. And the first rule said something about plating a garden. Or a flower in a pot (or several) if you’re in an apartment.

Well, the moment has come to deal with that very piece of advice and to personalize it to the max! Just look below to see what I got for you! A family tree. More like a family garden. It’s a priceless way to transform and adapt any plant you may have in your house! And there’s no stopping you at family members! You can pick, say… a cactus and put Anna Wintour‘s picture! How funny would that be, ha? (made by Good; Designboom via)

Family face print flower pots

How to face print flower pot

face print flower pot funny

face print flower pot cute

face print flower pot angry

face print flower pot red

face print flower pot buxus

face print flower pot

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#1 Ellington on 04.15.11 at 6:04 pm

Cute and fun! :)

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