Great Wedding Video Style

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What if we took the wedding train and talk about bridal things some more? After all, everybody is doing it, with the Royal Wedding on the way!

From what you know about me, would you say I’m more of a formal wedding girl or more of an indie – like wedding girl? I’ll give you a hint if you scroll down and take a look at the video! There’s something so warm, loving, happy and lighthearted about it, I couldn’t do otherwise but present it to you! It’s a Photobooth movie made by Jerome from Photomatonchic at a New York wedding party! I love it! I love the idea, the music, the people who attended! Perfection! (photomatonchic via)

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#1 Kris on 04.06.11 at 6:12 pm

I love it! I wish I had something like this from my wedding!

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