Suri Cruise Loves Ugg Boots and Starbucks

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Oh, Mothers out there forgive me for I have sinned! There’s been so long since my last Suri Cruise rant! I will fix this right now! Let’s hold hands and lift our spirits in prayer while we look at little Suri Cruise walking around downtown Vancouver out for a cup of Starbucks. Just like any one of us would.

Except Suri is not like one of us. oh, no! Suri is dressed in pink like an adorable little princess she is, only she’s wearing a coat, a dress and UGG boots. And that’s it, folks! That’s all there is! (mkay, so maybe there’s some underwear somewhere too, but we’re talking about what’s right in front of us) Snow. Bare legged Suri. Snow – Bare legged Suri.

I don’t understand why the snow hasn’t melted and the tropical sun isn’t already upon little majestic Suri! What’s wrong with this picture?

Suri winter boots pink UGG

Truth being told, snow can’t touch me when I’m sipping on my fabulous cup of Starbucks coffee… So maybe the same Star-principle applies to wee Suri?

Suri and her pink UGG boots

Back to the boots now: the classic pair of UGG Australia boots worn by Suri in numerous occasions is available in a handful of other colors, each for $100. But I know little princesses like Suri – I have one at home – they all loooove pink! If the sky could be pink as well, oh, what a wonderful world it would be! (images courtesy wireimages, flynetpictures, pacificcoastnews, uggaustralia)

pink UGG boots for girls


#1 patricia on 03.31.11 at 11:07 pm

this little girl is so cute. I have a lil girl too and sometimes, she wants to wear something that no fit the weather. But she is my 3 year old daughter and I’m her mother. I mean, at the end, you ARE the mother.

#2 NB on 03.31.11 at 11:37 pm

Each child has her own certain needs that may differ from others. You do not personally know Suri and Katie, you dont have all the details. DONT JUDGE

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