Flowery Vision For Spring Super Liberty Lucia Sunglasses

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I’m in a spring-ish mood. I haven’t stopped crafting flowery headbands for friends all weekend long and I think the flowery mood got to me. I’m only seeing flowers everywhere! Which is not so bad. Is it?

Oh anyway, here’s to the flowers: Supers Liberty Lucia Sunglasses! I admit the shape can be a little strange but the whimsical jeu de formes – round lenses and pointy half frames makes the Lucia shades pretty extraordinary. Add the Liberty of London prints edition and you’ve got yourself a pair of sunglasses to make the envy of Helena Bonham Carter!

The trouble is these beauties come in a very limited edition: only 75 pieces of each color, each pair priced at $210. Ready to ditch your usual rough Aviator style for a more bohemian approach? (via)

Super Liberty Flowers print Lucia Sunglasses

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#1 ajgingerbelle on 03.22.11 at 7:27 am

Never gonna ditch the aviators but love to add these too cute sunglasses to my collection. Super!!

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