Lea T Talks About Herself. More Love Pictures

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Everybody who knows anything about fashion knows about Lea T. What’s his story? What’s her story?

You can take the time, watch the video below, it’s an interview with Lea T where she talks about how life really is for her and how people look at her, how she and Riccardo Tisci came up with the idea of the Fall Winter 2010 campaign. Since I asked earlier what service does Love’s cover with Kate Moss kissing Lea I watched the video, looking for my answer. And I got it – none whatsoever except bringing her in the spotlight. Showing that the world cares for her kind.

Also – are you sure you’re not mistaking “care for” with freak of the moment? Fashion is a cruel theater, daahling! Keep your guard up! (photos via)

Kate Moss Love Issue 5 cover

Kate Moss Love Issue 5

Kate Moss Love Issue 5 ss 2011

Natalia Vodianova Love Issue 5

Kate Moss Love Issue 5 1 Lea T Love Issue 5 1 Lea T Love Issue 5 2

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