Natalie Portman’s Jason Wu Dress Hides Her Baby Bump

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If you haven’t seen it yet, I advise you to go do it right away! Go see Black Swan! It’s brilliant and… just brilliant. Talking about Natalie Portman wearing a Jason Wu dress for the People’s Choice Awards 2011 was actually a pretext to touch the Black Swan subject.

It’s definitely one of my all time favorite movies right now, as well as the rest of Aronofsky’s movies (and by that I’m referring to: Requiem for a Dream and PI. I actually tried to watch The Fountain but didn’t felt it. Have you seen it? Do you think it’s worth a second try? Also I’m working on my schedule to get the Wrestler in that list of Aronofsky watched films – yes, I know, Adriana, I haven’t yet, but the day I will, I promise I will deliver a quick and personal opinion about Mickey and the movie!)

The button front silk chiffon pleated dress Natalie chose for the People’s Choice Awards comes from Jason Wu’s Pre Fall 2011 collection, you know, the one I already praised few weeks before. ( great minds think alike – haha ) It’s curious to see Natalie straying away from her usual Rodarte Red Carpet wardrobe, but maybe we’ll see something spectacular signed by the Mulleavy sisters on the Golden Globes red carpet? Or the Oscars? Either way, it’s really a clever and fashionable way to go around the baby bump watch! Well done, Natalie! (there’s a more revealing photo of her baby bump right after the jump!) (photos via)

Natalie Portman pregnant Jason Wu blue dress People s Choice Awards 2011

Natalie Portman pregnant baby bump

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#1 ajgingerbelle on 01.08.11 at 10:15 am

Miranda Kerr has delivered a boy. Waiting for Doutzen to deliver…..I expect beautiful babies. Can not wait to see a photo of Doutzen and Sunnery with their son! :)

Natalie has really that mommy glow. The dress is pretty but her smile is prettier than ever. :)

Kpriss, about The Wrestler: judge the story. It’s so moving. Mickey did a great job but the story, the other actors and Aronofsky’s direction all together made it such a great movie. Re-watched it lately. :)

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