Natalie Portman’s InStyle February 2011

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If you needed more proof that Natalie Portman is actually in style (besides having wrote about her twice in the same day), there you go: her InStyle February 2011 cover.

It looks pretty Christmas’y, but I don’t really mind, a smile can make me forget a lot of things. Event the dumbness and imperfection premise many fashmagazines out there operate under. They think whoever picks the magazine needs at least 3-4 or even 7 ways to improve their chic-ness, at least few secrets for bettering up and at least 20 ways to say I love you. And to think I used to get InStyle few years back. It feels like another life, completely. What magazines did you used to buy and gave up in the recent years? (oh, and why?) (InStyle via)

Natalie Portman InStyle February 2011 cover

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