Jean Paul Gaultier’s Gaultier Bebe Collection

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Since I’m back at changing diapers and finding the right soothers for my baby boy, I was most interested in finding out more about the Gaultier Bebe collection. Not necessarily because I would actually buy items from the collection (though I’d love to, I sometimes find the couture houses luxury unnecessary – especially for babies that you can’t dress with the same clothes more than 3 months) but because I always looked up to Jean Paul Gaultier for inspiration.

His Gaultier Bebe line is distinctively nautical and I’m loving it! I love anything nautical for babies and children – navy and white with a pinch of yellow (or red / pink for the girls) could make any fashionista’s bebe catwalk worthy. How do you like (your) children dressed like? (via)

Jean Paul Gaultier Bebe collection

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