Christian Lacroix For Desigual Collection

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If Desigual doesn’t ring any familiar bells to you and you’re uncertain if you would like or dislike their creations put it this way: have you ever dreamed of wearing a patchwork quilt outside your house? If the answer is yes, then you will definitely love Desigual. If you’re answer is no, then, maybe, consider it for inside the house? Maybe?

Either way, Christian Lacroix collaborating with Desigual is great news and he absolutely is complimentary to the colorful Desigual style. This is the first collection, a second, larger one will follow in 2012. 30 pieces (jackets, skirts and lingerie) signed by Lacroix will be available this fall in the Desigual stores. Now if you don’t consider the patchwork dressing code normally, would a Lacroix patchwork change that for you? (Desigual via)

Christian Lacroix Desigual Fall Winter 2011

Christian Lacroix Desigual Fall Winter 2011 collection

Christian Lacroix Desigual Fall 2011 collection

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