Porsche Stylish Bobsleigh

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This amazing Porsche Design Bobsleigh was available for $260. Was – because, for obvious Holidays and appropriate weather reasons, the sleek and stylish Porsche Bobsleigh is a sellout (at least for the US market).

I could go on with describing the unbelievable sliding advantages of such a sleigh designed for performance. However, I would completely lack the Kaiser’s amazing charm at being disappointed that this Porsche bobsleigh doesn’t come from one of Paris’ catwalk… And I wouldn’t have Baptiste to tell me it’s actually German either. Now all it’s missing from this Porsche package is the giant museum poster. (actually I think a technology wonder deserves more museum space than a perfume bottle, but that’s just me. or not?) (gp via)

Porsche Design Bobsleigh

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