No Iron Clothing Is Toxic?

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Wrinkle free clothing could be a time saver, momentarily, but on the long run, these magic clothes may prove dangerous. Why? Because recent studies have discovered that what keeps these clothes away from the iron is formaldehyde.

What’s formaldehyde and why should we fear it? Formaldehyde is a colorless gas, flammable at room temperature. It has a distinct odor and, if exposed to in high concentrations, it may cause a burning sensation to the eyes, nose, and lungs. Though it can also be found in the food we eat and even our bodies produce it, formaldehyde is widely used in construction materials, disinfectants, cosmetics and clothing.

Currently linked to cancer and leukemia and most definitely being one of the causes for allergic contact dermatitis, formaldehyde seems to be everywhere around us. From the houses we live in, the cars we drive to the deodorants and nail polish we use. Being around and even using all those products, being dressed with clothing items, like these wrinkle – free clothes containing formaldehyde could prove dangerous for our health. How do you deal with these hidden dangers? Do you really believe products as simple as shampoos can really be dangerous for our health? (via)

Formaldehyde Non Iron Clothes

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